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Contact Information

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Research Interests

  • Culture
  • Development of STEAM Activities
  • History
  • New Technologies in Formal/Informal Settings

Elias Stouraitis

Researcher & Teacher at

PALLADIO Schools Sat-Lab

Elias Stouraitis completed his undergraduate studies in History – Archeology at the University of Athens (2005), received a master’s degree in Contemporary Greek History from the same University (2009) and his PhD in History and didactics using new technologies from the Ionian University (2020). 

He has taught history and literature in private education since 2005 and he teaches history didactics in the postgraduate program “Educational Sciences” of the University of Western Macedonia (2021). At the same time, he has worked as a researcher in private institutions and the University (UoA: 2012-2013, EA R&D: 2014-2017, Ionian Uni: 2019-2021, UoA: 2020-2021) in a series of european and national researches around history, education, culture and new technologies. 

He has been teacher trainer and trainer for adults in various institutions (Onassis Foundation, Laskarides Foundation, Hellenic American Union), he has received an award for his research from the Common Ground Community ‘The Learner’ (2012) and has been honored with a scholarship from the Japanese Foundation Nippon Foundation SYLFF (Sasakawa Young Leaders Fellowship Fund) (2013). 

He is a member of the International Federation of Public History (IFPH, 2020), editor of the magazine “historein” (2019 – today) and editor dedicated to the subject of History in the literary magazine “Nea Paideia”. His main research interests are: history, culture, new technologies in formal/ informal settings and the development of STEAM activities.


  1. 2005

    Bachelor's Degree

    History - Archeology, National University of Athens
  2. 2009

    Master's Degree

    Contemporary Greek History, , National University of Athens
  3. 2020

    Doctoral Degree

    History and Didactics using new Technologies, Ionian University

Professional Experience

  1. 2021
    Teaches History Didactics
    University of Western Macedonia
  2. 2012 - 2013
    National University of Athens
  3. 2014 - 2017
    ΕΑ R&D
  4. 2019 - 2021
    Ionian University
  5. 2020 - 2021
    National University of Athens


  • 2012
    Common Ground Community 'The Learner'
  • 2013
    Japanese Foundation Nippon Foundation SYLFF (Sasakawa Young Leaders Fellowship Fund)